I’m Moving Blogs

After some serious consideration I have decided to move my blog over to a different platform as WordPress just hasn’t really been doing it for me. I have spent the last couple of days working on getting a theme that I really like and editing some of my posts which I have actually quite enjoyed doing.

So. Hopefully you will follow me over there at http://sheisonplanetsaturn.blogspot.co.uk/
I appreciate those of you who have liked my posts and followed me on here. If you can’t join me on blogger there is also bloglovin where you can still keep up to date with my posts. My profile is at https://www.bloglovin.com/@onplanetsaturn

I’ve only just started my blogging journey and I guess this is just part of the process. Where you are trying to find your style and what have you.

Anyways, I hope to see you all over there. x












3 thoughts on “I’m Moving Blogs

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] That is a very bold move you made.

    Usually, people do it the other way around; they move from Blogger and switch to WordPress.

    Anyway, I used to blog on WordPress a few years ago.

    Today, I blog on Blogger (And, I am happier there).

    I would love to be a strong supporter of a fellow blogger over at Blogger.

    For the record, blogging over at Blogger is a lot of hard work.

    Also, if I can have a successful blog over at Blogger, you can too!


    • onplanetsaturn says:

      Ha I guess it is a bold move.

      I think it’s down to personal preference when it comes to what platform people want to use and what they want to get out from blogging. I found it a lot easier to play about with the theme and have a little more fun over at Blogger so opted for that one.

      I am glad you are much happier at Blogger, perhaps I will be too.

      Absolutely up for supporting another Blogger.

      I can imagine. Think blogging is hard in general. It takes time to find what you like blogging about and finding your style and audience but it could be worth it.

      Thank you for your comment!

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      • Renard Moreau says:

        [ Smiles ] Well, I will elaborate: it is much harder to get your blog recognized over on Blogger.

        Blog can be discovered easily on WordPress, because of the WordPress Reader.

        I also like to dabble with themes on Blogger; which is something the free version of WordPress does not allow me to do.

        By the way, I


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