Roadtrips and TRNSMT

It’s been a few days maybe almost a week since I last made a post. The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. Been spending my time with Chris the whole time and I also went to TRNSMT which I never got to post about closer to the time.

TRNSMT was pretty amazing. Unfortunately we went on the Sunday where Glasgow gave us typical Scottish weather. Rain. Didn’t let that ruin the fun though. My favourites of the day were Twin Atlantic, I saw them playing at the Big Weekend in 2014 for like 2 songs so this time got to see the full set and got to be at the front. My favourite songs they played probably have to be Whispers, No Sleep and Heart and Soul. I would definitely recommend seeing them live. I will be when they play in Glasgow again. They really get the crowd going. Feel like they should be TRNSMT residents for every year now. My other favourite act was Biffy Clyro. By the time they came on though I was in a bit of pain and cold so I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I could have.



Another thing that has been happening over these past couple of weeks is late night drives to random parts of Scotland. I’ve already posted about Perth. Next up was Dundee. Literally an hour and a half journey just to walk about the town centre for 10 minutes, take a picture of the Desperate Dan statue and go back home. If I’m being honest though I think it’s the journey part that’s the most fun. Singing along to the music, pointing out funny reg plates and funny place names.


We also went to Ayr and St Andrews.

That is the end of our wee late night roadtrips for a while now though as Chris has gone to Edinburgh to work at the Fringe Festival. I won’t see him for like two weeks and I hadn’t realised just how much I’m going to miss him even if that is a short space of time. I got emotional when I got inside after he dropped me off. Not sure what has happened to me in my somewhat old age. I can’t wait to go through to Edinburgh though. Last year it drove me a bit crazy because the crowds get a bit much and I’ll probably be the same this time around too but in a weird way I also enjoy it.


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