“I Don’t Really Drink”

Going out socialising as someone who very rarely drinks alcohol can be interesting. I do drink alcohol but it’s not very often and I have been drunk but again not often. It’s just not my thing and living in a society where drinking is like part of the culture provides moments where people are somewhat criticising your choice.

Last time I was drunk was at my cousin’s wedding over a year ago. That event is one of my favourite stories to tell though. Since then I’ve probably had 5 drinks in that space of time. I do go to the pub etc with my boyfriend and his friends. He doesn’t drink either. Matchmade in heaven I think. When out though there will always be a remark such as “why are you not drinking?” or “just because Chris isn’t drinking doesn’t mean you can’t” and a few others along the same lines. People find it hard to accept that there are people out there who are not interested in alcohol. I am one of them. Even when I did drink when I was younger with my friends I don’t  think it was something I entirely enjoyed. Others were doing it so why not join in?

The joys of peer pressure eh? At the time I didn’t even think of it like that but I guess in the moment you wouldn’t. It’s only when you reflect on the situation you see it from a different perspective and realise. Then I think to myself I didn’t do other things that my friends were doing such as smoking or drugs so for me there must have always been a line I knew I didn’t want to cross. For everyone that is different. I’ve never liked the feeling of not having control whereas others are totally fine with losing that control. 

Being out in a social gathering and not drinking does always raise questions from those who are drinking. Being asked what are you having with the answer “oh I’ll just have a coke” as if you’re doing things wrong. I just wonder how long before people won’t be confused when you refuse to have an alcoholic drink. I’m happy with my Coke or lemonade thanks. 


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