Adventures and Lows

Haven’t made a post for a few days due to being a tad busy. On Friday I went to see Wonder Woman for a second time and what an amazing movie and then Baby Driver which was a fun movie. On Monday Chris and I went for a little trip to the Campsies. Saw some waterfalls and I forgot to lift my phone so I was unable to take any pictures of them. Maybe some other time though. Chris did get some photos of us though.

Then on Tuesday we were supposed to go see Green Day at Bellahousten Park in Glasgow but just as I was out the shower getting ready I saw on Twitter that the show had been cancelled. Gutted wasn’t even the word to describe how I felt. Didn’t want the day to go to waste though so went into town, got some food which was an awful experience. We sat for over half n hour waiting for our bill and then more time after that before someone allowed us to pay the bill. Went for a little drive afterwards and ended up in Perth.

Went into a McDonald’s there and a man was upset that he got the wrong order and some time later 4 policemen showed up, went up to him and said “we’ve been informed that you are being aggressive”. He wasn’t. He was being very quiet and calm from what I saw. I believe just because he was a big guy, tattoos and looked quite intimidating that the cops got called. Anyways it was a nice wee adventure.

tumblr_oslbbvBJnl1qcxxu2o1_1280tumblr_oslbbvBJnl1qcxxu2o3_1280Perth wasn’t so bad.


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