10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Move

Currently me and the boyfriend are saving up money to get our own place. First we were going to rent somewhere but realised that rent prices are ridiculous for a place that isn't even yours. We are better off saving up a deposit and getting a mortgage. Means the place is truly ours, it's an … Continue reading 10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Move


Why Facebook Isn’t My Gig

Even though I hate Facebook to an extent I still have it and I still post on it so I apologise if I do sound like a hypocrite because I probably am. First of all the main reason I am on there is so I can keep in touch with my family and friends. Mainly … Continue reading Why Facebook Isn’t My Gig

Roadtrips and TRNSMT

It's been a few days maybe almost a week since I last made a post. The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy. Been spending my time with Chris the whole time and I also went to TRNSMT which I never got to post about closer to the time. TRNSMT was pretty amazing. … Continue reading Roadtrips and TRNSMT


“I Don’t Really Drink”

Going out socialising as someone who very rarely drinks alcohol can be interesting. I do drink alcohol but it's not very often and I have been drunk but again not often. It's just not my thing and living in a society where drinking is like part of the culture provides moments where people are somewhat … Continue reading “I Don’t Really Drink”


High School: Best Years of Your Life?

Throughout my teenage years when I was at high school I remember being told by numerous people that "high school is the best years of your life, cherish them". I never believed them and I was right. For my own experiences anyway.  If that's the case then what even is the point in life after … Continue reading High School: Best Years of Your Life?


Adventures and Lows

Haven't made a post for a few days due to being a tad busy. On Friday I went to see Wonder Woman for a second time and what an amazing movie and then Baby Driver which was a fun movie. On Monday Chris and I went for a little trip to the Campsies. Saw some … Continue reading Adventures and Lows