It’s Been A Year

On the 26th June 2016 I made the journey to go to New Zealand to visit my best friend who moved out there in 2006 with her parents. It was the first time I ever left the UK completely on my own. So, that was a big deal. It’s not like I was going on a 2 hour plane journey to somewhere in Europe it was to the other side of the world. It was such an amazing experience and I had such a wonderful time with my second and adopted family. I miss them so much.

19260252_10158869097525183_8695238139864716154_n.jpgI was quite lucky on my flights on both parts of my journey on both ways. Strangers can be extremely nice and helpful. I still can’t believe I managed to fight any anxieties and got my arse all the way there. Once there I done so many cool things and had such a great time. But here are just a few of my favourite parts about my time there.

  1. First of all, it has to be the time I actually got to spend with my best friend. We hadn’t seen each other for 5 years at this point. Even the days we just stayed in and watched tv shows like Outlander and The Flash were good because we hadn’t done it in so long. Plus her family are like family to me and I love spending time with them. It was also the first time I met her dog, Merida. She was iffy at first with me, every morning she would bark at me but she warmed up to me.
  2. Hobbiton has to be one of the best parts. I am a fairly big Lord of the Rings fan so it was an amazing thing to do. We had a Hobbit feast in the Green Dragon, I mean how cool is that? Got to dance where Bilbo had his party, and we were the best dancers but I think that’s because we pulled out our Scottish ceilidh moves.
  3. Coromandel was pretty good, even though we had to get up at a silly time in the morning that nobody was pleased with and the fact that we had to get the coach there instead of the ferry due to the weather. There was some pretty waterfalls and some of the scenery reminded me of Lost so I was waiting for the smoke monster every so often. On the way back I got to witness a very stunning sunset too.
  4. The Sky Tower. I’m just glad that I don’t have a fear of heights.
  5. Now, the food there was not my favourite I must admit but there was a Mongolian restaurant that was the best. You picked what you wanted in your dish and take it up to the chef and he cooks it right in front of you. Delicious.
  6. Being in the hotel in Dubai on my own on the way back. It was so peaceful and I had an interesting view.

Typing all of this just made me realise that I would very much like to go back someday and explore more of New Zealand. I went during their winter so it had some cold days and had some nice days. Would maybe like to go just before Summer hits. I also miss my best friend again and can’t wait till we get to see each other. The flights were rather brutal though and the jet lag I experienced when I got back home was unbelievably horrible. It took me a while to get back into my normal routines. If you do ever get the chance to go to New Zealand though I highly recommend it. Just prepare for having too much salt on your chips.


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